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An update for the new year

I haven’t forgotten and I haven’t abandoned ship.  I’m with this thing until it sinks.

With as much research as there is involved with this fic, it takes longer to write even just a snippet, because there’s so much needed just to start it.  I have a severe and inconvenient neurosis that keeps me from putting pen to paper unless I know I’m right, precise, and accurate, and I in no way repeated myself.  I want to make sure I am not making anything up, at least unknowingly; I wasn’t there, but I’m going to tell it to the best to my knowledge of the situation and person(alitie)s involved.  I strive to be concise and exact in the action without leaving important events out because, even if they don’t seem to have a lot to do with the story I’m trying to tell in a big-picture-sort-of-way, they still happened in the story I’m shooting for, and they deserve to be told through the lens of my imagined history, because, in the end, isn’t that the whole point of this exercise?  And, lastly, anachronisms, unless intentionally placed, drive me insane.  I need this to be as close to history, Manics or no, as possible.  I want the reader to walk away from reading this (or anything I write) and know that everything, down to slang, dress, habits, etc, was carefully researched to paint a picture as close to the real thing as possible.  Just as an example, if I was talking about the 19th century, I’d want the height of my character to be realistic compared to averages from the era and so on.

Luckily, the Manic’s history isn’t as far removed from mine, but since I was born not long before they initially formed, it could be a different planet for all I know.  I have lived my life on a different continent, in a different time, and with different life experiences.  In broad words, we have things in common, but in a detail-oriented view we are challengingly dissimilar.  And that’s a challenge I’m excited to take on.  And I will, through thick and thin.

Seeing as I haven’t updated in ages, I know there isn’t a lot of faith to put upon me in finishing this thing.  WIPs have always frustrated me as a reader, so I intended to write a whole lot and then post it.  And I did that, but I need to get back to writing more that I can then post and repeat.  I have had a lot of my life getting in the way and a creative block that has brought me lower than I’ve been in a while.  But this is a new year full of empty resolutions and weary hope.

And all I can do is hope to write and post more as my new year’s resolution and hope even more that I’m able to make good on that.

Thank you for reading and come back looking for more.  It may finally be waiting for you when you return.



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Welcome to this!

Welcome to the newest home for my scribblings.  Hopefully you enjoy what you see and leave a comment while you’re at it!

BW Manics

Currently, the biggest thing going on around here is what I generally refer to as my “Epic.”  It’s a Manic Street Preachers fic I’ve been drivelling on about for almost 2 years.  I’ve been researching and fact-checking my heart out, trying to make it as accurate as possible with the reference materials available (Everything by Simon Price, MSPpedia, NME’s Uncut Collection).  With the basic timeline of reality,  I’ve written vignettes of what the scenes were probably like, with the addition of Nicky/Richey (which probably happened, anyway).

Of course, this would be too simple.  So there are alternate universes that curve around this one, and each other in some cases, to create a oddly woven tapestry of Manics history with a nagging sense of “what if?” throughout.

Using tags or categories, navigation should be quite simple (though at first may seem very complicated, which, I should be notified immediately if it doesn’t become easy and I’m just crazy).


  • EPIC: This tag is for all things relating to this fic.  Simply everything.
  • EPIC: ORIGINAL: When the story is the original story I planned and wrote, the one with Nicky and Richey as cannon, this tab will be the one attached.
  • EPIC: JAMES’ JEALOUSY: This tag denotes James/Richey as a sort of AU to the main, original timeline.  Set to be an extension of the original with James jealous of the Nicky/Richey.  Includes extensions to scenes and new events that depends heavily on the events in the original.
  • EPIC: JAMES STANDALONE: These are the James/Richey fics that exists on the general timeline if Nicky/Richey never happened, as if the original fic happened as is minus the slash leaving only the confirmed history.
  • EPIC: ALTEND: What if Richey took the others’ offer to step back from the band when he was in the Priory?  Would things be that different?

These may change a million times or never, it’s hard to tell.  This is all very new and I’ll have to test-drive this organization fully to know for sure.

A special note: this monstrosity will not be the only thing here (hopefully).  I have a few things that need to be typed up and beta’d that are in other fandoms entirely.  But that’s for another time entirely.

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