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5 November, 1991 – 5:24 pm – “Love’s Sweet Exile” Shoot

The next shoot was long and arduous, as music videos tend to be, but the time was spent the best way possible: naked. Or at least, almost naked.

It was amazing that their ideas were approved and expanded on this time, since their previous video experience. The scandalous, if not positively sensational response from their last video and subsequent photo shoots gave them the carte blanche they needed to do whatever they pleased.

Instead of sneaking off to backstage corners to paw at each other, Nicky and Richey could do it on camera. Or, more specifically, they were told to. It was all part of their image now. The slightly androgynous, very homoerotic Glamour Twins (R) from the Welsh Valleys. And those two other blokes.

The Manics, as they were being called for short, were making a name for themselves. The music press was regularly writing articles and columns about them, their tones ranging from awe to disgust to hatred. But, as they were learning quickly in the music business, no press is bad press.

After the “4REAL” incident, as it was being called (much to Richey’s unhappiness), they were gaining notoriety. The notoriety may have come from their new wild “image,” but that was fine with them; anything to get someone to buy their album and listen to their message of political unrest and never-ending cultural boredom.


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4 Responses

  1. sarah says:

    I found this completely by chance and ended up reading all of it. It’s so good, you’ve got the characterisation and all that down to a t. I hope you write more :) xx

    • chuckjd says:

      (I know this is really late. I’m behind on my whole life. I hope you can forgive me.)

      That’s really kind of you to say! I’m glad you enjoyed it and feel I got them right. I’ve worked really hard researching EVERYTHING and I’m still trying to get it all right.

      I’m in the process of moving chronologically through Manics history so I can properly move the story forward. Thanks for the encouragement to keep going.

      PS. Are you createconfusion on LJ? Because I’m chuckjd on there, and I could swear I’ve seen you around before. Manics_lolz? I made the arm cake. :D


  2. marilynroxie says:

    My goodness, I’ve found this completely by random and just started reading – it’s genius! I hope you put up more (I’m mooglefan on LJ, new maintainer at the_drowners Manics fic community). Loving it!

    • chuckjd says:

      You’re too kind! Thank you for the nice words and encouragement (more parts are in the works and by “in the works” I mean rattling around my skull). I’m planning on posting a link to that fine community sooner than soon. It’s good to know what it’s already found some support there. Thanks again!


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