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22 July, 1991 – 3:02 pm – “You Love Us” video shoot

“We have to get back,” Nicky whispered before Richey’s lips covered his own. Nicky pulled away, an amused Cheshire smile covering most of his face. “No – Really – They’re gonna notice – We’re gone-” Nicky was trying to get the words out around Richey’s incessant kisses.

It wasn’t physically difficult to fight off Richey’s small frame, but it took a lot of willpower. Before things got too far, reaching and surpassing the point of no return as they usually did quickly, Nicky slipped from between Richey and the wall and fixed his clothes. His hair stuck up in all directions, but it started out like that, so it was doubtful that anyone would notice.

Walking back, it was hard to keep their hands to themselves. Passing each other on the catwalk behind James on camera was sheer torture. They were already playing it up for the camera, but too much was too much. They already got their (Nicky’s) (ridiculous) idea, licking margarine from each other’s thighs, vetoed by the people in charge of such decisions. The suggestiveness of Nicky sucking on an ice lolly, Richey molesting his own image, and the two feeding each other (fake) oysters was enough for this shoot.

It was all part of their image, they justified. They had talked about how it would make a strong statement how they were so comfortable with each other and that would ring louder in a society that frowns upon such things. Of course, they would talk about shagging a new gaggle of groupies every night, knowing full well they came back to their hotel rooms alone, save for one another.


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