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23 June, 1991 – 7:52 pm – The Hall Residence

Nicky hobbled into the dim room, buried under a towering pile of freshly laundered bedclothes from Terri. Richey cleared the way, making sure his path to the bed was hazard free. Nicky dropped the sheets, quilt, and pillow cases on the bare bed, letting them unfold and cover the bed. Richey grabbed the fitted sheet and walked around the bed to the other side. Holding onto a corner, he tossed the rest of the sheet at Nicky. The room was claustrophobically full of the scent of lavender and soap. Each of them took the corners and fitted them around the mattress.

“So,” Richey said, breaking the dutiful silence, “you think James has told Sean yet?”

Nicky shot straight up, caught himself, then went back to struggling with the pillow case stretched between his hands. “What?” Nicky asked, trying for nonchalance. Richey eyed him curiously. “Why would he do such a thing?”

Richey stopped unfolding the top sheet and squinted at him. “You make it sound like he’d be doing something wrong by telling Sean. James can keep a secret, but I think this is something he’d at least tell Sean.”

“At least? You make it sound like he’s telling everyone!” Nicky’s face went from normal, to pale, to red in a matter of seconds.

“Again, what’s so bad about that?” Richey said shrugging. “One less thing on my to do list.” He went back to straightening the sheet out to fit around the edges of the bed.

“It’s just- it’s just not his secret to tell, is all,” Nicky said, violently shaking the pillow into its case.

“What do you mean ‘secret’? We’re a secret?” Richey said, his hands falling to his sides. Nicky was afraid they would stop on Richey’s hips and Richey would look like Nicky’s mother when she got mad.

“That’s not what I mean,” Nicky said, trying to backtrack. “I just don’t see the point of making a big production and telling everyone. As long as we know, who cares?”

Richey sighed dramatically. It was the sound of the hole Nicky was digging collapsing on top of him. “Who cares?” Richey shook his head. “Mr. Attention doesn’t want any attention? Now why would that be?” He busied his hands with the sheets, trying to make them as tight as possible. “Are you ashamed of all this? Or, better yet, me?” Richey stood up, trying to look intimidating at his full height, which wasn’t much.

“Why are you so hell bent on making me out to be the bad guy here?” Nicky almost whined.

Richey threw down the sheets that had still been tucked into his small fists, stomping out of the room into the hall. His shoulders were raised in sharp peaks and his fists were tight white balls at his sides. He flung the bathroom door open and stormed inside, slamming it shut behind him. The sound of wood on wood exploded through the house, perking up the ears of the boys on the living room sofa, Philip in his armchair, and Terri in the kitchen. They all looked to each other, searching the resulting silence for what just happened. James and Sean glanced at one another, more knowing than the Halls.

Nicky sighed and finally followed Richey’s path down the hall. He avoided eye contact with the rest of the house, less out of embarrassment than just full-on determination to make a sincere apology.

With one slender knuckle, he rapped on the door quietly. “Please, let me in. Richey? Come on, I’m sorry. I’m a jerk. We should talk about it.” Nicky looked down at his stockinged feet. There was a hole forming at the big toe. He’d have to darn that when he got a chance. Dammit, focus, Nicky’s brain reminded him. “Well,” he started again, “we should talk about before, not the fact that I’m a jerk. That’s already common knowle-” Nicky was cut off by a small hand grabbing him by his collar and dragged him inside. Behind him, the door was slammed again and he was pushed flat against it. Though Richey was far smaller than Nicky, he could channel his strength just fine when he needed to. He held Nicky against the door and pulled his face down to his own, kissing him roughly. Stunned, Nicky could do nothing but go along with Richey’s physical manipulations. He got his senses back as Richey’s kiss became deeper and his hand started to tug at Nicky’s waistband. Richey brought his teeth into play, nipping and nibbling at Nicky’s lips and tongue. Richey mouth moved downward leaving a shiny trail of saliva.

“What… what’s…?” Nicky muttered, his lungs out of breath. Richey bit the side of his neck in reply, Nicky left hissing. Nicky couldn’t take it anymore, not knowing what exactly was going on and why, and reversed their positions, Richey’s back pressed against the door.

They were both breathing hard, staring into each other’s faces and searching each other’s eyes for what was next.

“I’m sorry,” Nicky finally said, taking his cure from a glint in Richey’s dark eyes. “I open my big mouth before my mind has time to make sure it’s what I want to say. You should know that.” Richey’s eyes left Nicky’s to stare at where Nicky’s collar bones met at Richey’s eye level. Nicky’s T-shirt was threadbare and faded, so the curves of the delicate bones could be seen underneath.

“All of this is so awkward and new, even after all this time,” Nicky sighed. “I just don’t know what to do.” He let his gaze drop to the top of Richey’s head.

Richey mumbled something deep in his chest. Nicky cocked his head to catch it to no avail. It sounded like the tone of an apology, but Nicky couldn’t’ be sure.

“What was that?”

Richey looked up into Nicky’s face, almost colliding the crown of his skull with Nicky’s mouth and nose. “I said,” he began and paused. He collected himself and continued. “I said I just wanted to be able to tell the whole world how happy I am.”

Nicky’s eyebrows rose. “The whole world?”

Richey smiled. “I’ll settle for the rest of the house. I want to be awful and cliché and talk about how much I love you all the time.”

Nicky inhaled quietly and held it. “You love me?” Nicky exhaled.

“Of course I do,” Richey said, starting to blush.

Nicky moved his hands to Richey’s shoulders. “No, I mean, do you love me love me?”

Richey nodded, “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

Nicky’s face filled with a smile spanning both cheeks. His hands tightened on Richey’s shoulders as he pulled him in for a kiss.

“I… love… you… too…” Nicky gasped between kisses, the words almost too jumbled to understand.

The kiss became deeper and more impassioned. Nicky’s hands moved from Richey’s shoulders to Richey’s hips. Pressing Richey harder against the door, Nicky pulled their hips together, grinding rougher and rougher. Nicky hooked his hands around Richey’s bum, signaling him to hop up and wrap his legs around Nicky’s waist, which he followed enthusiastically with grace from lots of practice. The door shook from all their fevered movements, creaking obnoxiously.

“Bedroom?” Nicky asked against Richey’s lips. His trousers were far tighter than what could be considered comfortable by the smallest fellow.

“Bedroom,” Richey agreed, his mouth latching on Nicky’s throat.

Clinging to each other tightly, their passion never hitting the pause button, Nicky backed away from the door and opened it. With as much skill as he could muster (which wasn’t much on a good day), and as much leeway as his hard-on would give him (which was none), Nicky began to walk. He made it down the hall with not so much as a hitch, save for a knocked over pile of books and a few crooked picture frames.

The commotion brought the attention of the other occupants of the house. Again. They stared, dumbfounded and slack-jawed, at the two boys kissing wildly and stumbling to their bedroom. When their door was shut behind them, the others all looked at each other again, still wondering what was happening.

“See? I told you,” James whispered to Sean next to him on the sofa. Sean sneered at him and turned back to his video game just in time to see his character die.

“Look at what they made me do,” Sean huffed.

Back behind closed doors, Nicky and Richey were finally alone. Nicky unceremoniously dropped Richey on the bed and quickly started undoing his jeans and taking off his shirt. Richey did the same, but his pants got tangled on their way off. Nicky quickly came to his aid, getting Richey as naked as he had himself.

Richey was positioned against the pillows, still only half made. Nicky hovered above him, balancing on his hands planted on both sides of Richey’s head. He leaned down, kissing him only once.

“Say it again,” Nicky whispered in Richey’s ear, closing his teeth around the lobe softly.

Richey breathed a moan. “I love you.”

“Say it again,” Nicky repeated, his mouth moving down Richey’s jaw in sensuous kisses.

“I love you,” Richey moaned louder.

“I love you too,” Nicky replied. He captured Richey’s lips again, but did not pull back. He lowered his body onto Richey’s, their erections sliding languidly against each other. Richey clutched at Nicky’s hips, pulling himself off the bed to meet Nicky as hard and fully as possible.

“I want you inside me right now,” Richey said breathlessly. Nicky’s eyes lit up at Richey’s confident insistence. He mouthed Richey’s neck some more before roughly flipping Richey onto his stomach. Richey moaned softly as Nicky gently covered Richey with his body again. Nicky kissed a trail from the corner of Richey’s jaw, down his neck, and across his shoulders. His hands followed his lips and then went further. They smoothed down Richey’s sides, tracing the ribs.

“You’re getting so thin,” Nicky said into Richey’s hair. There was no tone of judgment or condescension; it was only a simple observation. He gripped Richey’s hips, guiding him to his knees. Richey kept his head on the pillow, black hair creating a strange halo, and his hands folded underneath. The curve of his spine made Nicky’s mouth water. Before he could come from just the sight of Richey’s backside, he grabbed the lube from the nightstand and popped the lid. He applied the thick liquid generously over his cock and fingers, enough to ready Richey as well.

Richey was already relaxed, so Nicky’s fingers slipped in easily. He lined his cock up with Richey’s entrance and leaned in to whisper, “Ready?”

Richey stretched toward Nicky and nodded in the newly clean smelling pillowcase.

Nicky slid inside, reaching the hilt in one smooth, steady, and slow movement. Richey groaned at the fullness and pushed back, urging Nicky to keep moving.

Nicky started with a slow pace, building up speed with every thrust. Before long, he was slamming inside of Richey, the sounds of labored breathing, skin slapping skin, and the creaky old bed filling the small room, but not limiting itself to their room.

The sounds floated down the hall to the living room, where dull thumps could be heard. Sean frowned disgustedly and turned the volume of his game louder. James closed his eyes and grimaced.

Philip looked up from his book over his glasses, puzzled. “Are they really…” he began to ask, trailing off because the question, and its answer, was obvious. Terri brought her teacup down from her lips and nodded solemnly.

“Who knew about this?” Philip asked, shock still covering his face.

Sean pointed at James and James pointed back at Sean. Philip sighed and rubbed his brow with eyes closed. He shook his head, “Turn the telly up.”

Back in the bedroom at the end of the hall, Richey was mumbling into his pillow.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. Love you. I love you. Love you. Love you,” was his continuous mantra. Nicky could feel the smile overtaking his face and his grip on Richey’s hips becoming tighter. He was close, so close, only a few more thrusts would get him there.

“Love you,” Nicky chokingly responded, holding his final thrust inside Richey. Richey’s fists were wrapped tightly in the pillow cases around him. His back rose and fell heavily.

Nicky slid out his soft penis, pulling out easily. He rolled off of Richey and Richey slid from his knees to his side, facing Nicky. His erection pointed between them, uncomfortably hard. Nicky rolled over and grabbed Richey’s face between his hands, kissing him and passionately. His hand left Richey’s face as they stared into each other’s eyes, noses brushing as Nicky’s hand started to move on Richey’s erection.

“Come,” Nicky said simply. Richey could only stare and breathe harder, his eyes flicking between Nicky’s soft eyes and Nicky’s slack mouth. Richey’s eyes were far off, glazed over with intense and drawn out arousal. His lips were parted slightly, and his hot breath filled the space between their faces.

The tingling pleasure surged through his groin quickly, and escaped through his throat as stronger and stronger moans.

“FUCK ME!” he screamed, arching his back and closing his eyes. He came over Nicky’s hand, wrist, and the sheet below.

In the living room, Sean threw down his controller and stood up. “Goddammit!” he grumbled, mumbling other assorted curses as he stopped off to the back door, outside to the garden. James watched him go and glanced back at the Halls. Their faces were white and still staring down the hallway. As soon as they noticed James’ eyes on them, they busied themselves with what they had been trying to do before Richey’s… “outburst.”

The sweaty humidity of the small room, made damp with heaving breaths, was already starting to disperse by the time either of the men started to speak.

“You need to get cross at me more often,” Nicky said breathlessly with a slight laugh. Richey smiled dreamily.

“You know what this means, then,” Richey asked.

Nicky turned his head to look over at Richey. Richey returned his gaze and… was he blushing?

“I guess we don’t have to tell anyone about anything now. Because if all that didn’t get it in their heads, there’s no use.”

Nicky covered his face with his clean hand in a mix of mock and true embarrassment.

Behind the muffling of his palm, Nicky lamented, “The fresh sheets. We’ve soiled them.”

“Again,” Richey added.

“Terri must hate us.”

“Right now, I think everyone does,” said Richey.


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2 Responses

  1. Rach says:

    Oh my God this is utterly brilliant. I had no idea you were still writing this! I dunno if you remember but I Britpicked a bit of it for you a year or so ago. Oh man. Honestly, brilliant. Love it. This is so similar to how I imagine them to be together.

    • chuckjd says:

      Thanks! I’m doing my best to keep trucking along (just picking it up again after a long break from it to better clear my head and start with fresh ideas). I definitely remember you! Of course, of course! I took all your suggestions to use, thank god. I need the rest britpicked, but it hasn’t seemed too out of place. I’m glad you like it so much! Hopefully I’ll be posting more soon.


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