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16 May, 1991 – 12:33 am – Leaving the Norwich gig

The blood was quickly seeping through the makeshift towel bandages and starting to stain Richey’s white Levis. Richey’s head was on Nicky’s shoulder and Nicky’s arm was tightly around him. They huddled next to each other on the last bench seat in the back of the van. James was in the front seat with Philip, who was frantically trying to get to the nearest hospital in the area without getting lost. Sean had opted out of the trip, preferring to be dropped off at the hotel with some chips rather than being a passenger on Richey’s wild ride (now with more blood and gore!).

The van was quiet, save for Philip’s constant mumbling of street names and insults at other drivers, and tense. Philip was preoccupied, so James just stared out his window at the passing cars and street lights.

“That was brilliant,” Nicky whispered into Richey’s hair. He could feel Richey begin to smile against his shoulder. “That journo’s face was great. You’re going to make every paper in Britain!”

Richey’s face fell and he sat up.

“What’s the matter?” Nicky asked, his brow knitting.

Richey looked lost in his thoughts. He surfaced and said, “That’s not why I did it.”

“Who cares why you did it?” Nicky said, beginning to chuckle in disbelief. “You just got us amazing amounts of publicity.”

Richey frowned. “I was trying to prove a point.”

“Well, I think you accomplished that,” Nicky yelped.

“You all right back there?” James asked, turning around to face the backseat. Both of them spun to look at him, eyes wide and bodies stiff.

“No-, nothing wrong back here,” Nicky blurted. “Everything’s peachy.”

James could do nothing but stare. “Yeah, I’ll say,” he mumbled to himself, turning around and returning his head to its place against the passenger window.

Richey glared at Nicky, silently chiding him for his anxious and obvious cover-ups.


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