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13 March, 1991 – 12:21 am – Philip Hall’s House

Nicky awoke to Richey kissing his neck. He stretched, turning towards the kisses and opened his eyes enough to glance at the clock. 12:21 am.

“Mmm,” Nicky mumbled, pulling Richey’s face up to his own. He closed his eyes again and found Richey’s lips by touch. They kissed slowly and lazily. Their shared personal bubble against the world made of the sheets around them was gloriously warm, and they were mindful to keep themselves inside of it.

They ended their kiss, pulling their faces apart to turn their bodies and better face each other. They were forehead to forehead when they finally stopped moving.

“What’re you doing up?” Nicky asked, his voice deep and heavy from sleep. His breathing was still slow and even as if he hadn’t yet woken up. Maybe he hadn’t. Maybe it was just a wonderful dream.

Richey nuzzled his nose against Nicky’s, pulling Nicky’s hips toward his. Nicky could feel Richey’s hard-on tenting his boxers against Nicky’s thigh. Nicky smiled. That was enough of a response.

Nicky pulled Richey’s hips even closer to his own, gripping his hip bones. Richey loved the way Nicky couldn’t keep his hands away from the sharp hip bone handles at his sides. The tightness of Nicky’s fingers digging into his skin drove him wild. Nicky pressed his growing erection against Richey’s, rubbing against him slightly. He captured Richey’s lips in a slow, yet passionate kiss. Their tongues lazily explored each other’s mouths. Richey’s hand snaked down between them, slipping under the elastic of Nicky’s boxers. Nicky’s breath caught as Richey wrapped his hand around Nicky’s erection.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Nicky said quietly as Richey got a rhythm going. It was slow and tender, drawing out the sensations on every nerve.

Richey leaned into Nicky, building up his nerve, and whispered in his ear. “Would you fuck me?”

Nicky’s eyes flew open, and his hand let go of Richey’s hip so he could grab Richey’s hand and keep it from moving anymore. His breathing was becoming ragged, and he turned his head to look into Richey’s face.

“W-what?” Nicky stuttered. His eyes were wide with surprise.

Richey took a deep breath. “I, uh, well, I was just thinking that we’ve never… you know, and I was thinking about it, and I wanted to ask you if you would-”

“Fuck you?” Nicky squeaked, cutting Richey off.

“If you don’t want to, I’d totally understand. Actually, it’s a dumb idea, just forget I said-”

Nicky kissed Richey hard, knocking their teeth together. They adjusted and ignored the brief pain, too excited to care. They pulled at each other’s clothing, willing everything to come off instantly. It was a bit of a struggle, but they were soon both naked, skin against skin. They rolled around until Richey was on his back and Nicky was above him, leaning on his elbows.

“Are you sure about this?” Nicky asked, his brow knit with nervous worry.

Richey nodded, carding his fingers through Nicky’s hair.

“I’ve never done this sort of thing before, you know.”

“Of course I know that,” Richey said calmly. “Neither have I. If you’re unsure, we don’t have to.”

Nicky leaned down to kiss him. “I want to, I just don’t want to hurt you or do it wrong or something.”

Richey rubbed his hands up and down Nicky’s sides reassuringly. “We’ll get it right, don’t worry.” Richey smiled into the darkness.

Nicky leaned over to the nightstand, pulling out a tube of lube.

“How do you want to do this?” Nicky asked nervously, but there was excitement bubbling close to the surface.

“Give me that,” Richey directed, taking the lead, because he knew Nicky never would. He took the tube and squeezed a bit too much into his hands. He dropped the lube back on the nightstand, not noticing it slowly leaking all over the surface. Nicky’s eyes followed his every movement, and he bought his hand down between them. He carefully grabbed Nicky’s cock, coating it generously with the cool liquid. Nicky tensed at the temperature, but relaxed soon after Richey started moving his hand.

Nicky’s jaw hung open, his eyes starting to blur and lose focus. “If you want me to actually get around to fucking you, pl-please stop.” Richey listened, and Nicky hung his head, catching his breath.

While Nicky steadied himself, Richey reached between his legs, using the extra lube on himself.

“What ‘re you doin’?” asked Nicky.

Richey looked up at him. “Are you serious?”

Nicky’s chest was expanding and deflating exaggeratedly. He shook his head and positioned himself better, balancing on his hands. “Are you ready?”

Richey wiped his hand on part of the sheet and scooted down the bed. He bent his knees upward, letting them fall apart as far as he could stretch. He took a deep breath and finally nodded at Nicky. Nicky guided himself with his left hand to Richey’s hole, pressing forward slowly. Richey’s face tightened from the pain of Nicky pushing inside. He tried his best to not let the discomfort show, but this pain was much different than the pain he was used to.

“You okay?” Nicky whispered.

Richey nodded frantically. He wrapped his arms around Nicky, his hands meeting between Nicky’s shoulder blades. “Just keep going,” replied Richey, his voice strained.

Nicky did what he was told and pushed on, doing everything in his power not to move too fast. Richey was tighter than Rachel ever was, and it was difficult to keep his head about things. It felt like he was sinking into forever, never to find the end. When his hips finally met the backs of Richey’s thighs, he sighed with relief. He held there, catching his brain up with the new sensations. He had had sex before many times, but it never felt like this.

Richey looked into Nicky’s face, and they locked eyes. This was as close as they could ever be, and the importance of this fact was not lost on either of them. Timidly, as if they had never kissed before, Nicky lowered his lips to Richey’s. Richey responded instantly, enjoying the feel of something other than stretching pain. He could push it out of his mind as long as he had Nicky’s lips to distract him.

When he felt Richey responding more and more, his pained movements becoming smoother, Nicky started to pull out and push back in little by little. The rhythm was slow and precise. The amount he moved was greater and greater with each thrust, quickening his pace as well. Richey wrapped his legs around Nicky’s back and let his fingernails drag across his shoulder blades.

And suddenly there was a voice in his head. He’ll hurt you someday. Hurt you real bad, said the voice. It was James, and he echoed throughout Nicky’s cranium, capturing his attention.

“You okay?” Richey asked between heavy breaths, his mouth shining from their extended kisses.

Nicky looked down at him, not realizing he had slowed down considerably. He pushed James out of his consciousness and started his timed thrusts again. James didn’t know anything anyway.

He was so hard, and Richey was so tight, he didn’t know how long he was going to be able to last. He adjusted his balance, and then took Richey’s penis in his right hand. He didn’t wait to build up a rhythm and started to jerk him off fast and hard right away. Richey was quietly moaning, not wanting the whole house to hear.

“Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick…” Richey chanted as his orgasm neared. Nicky’s ego couldn’t have felt better.

He thrust harder, trying to match his hand’s every downward slide. He could feel the tingling warmth pooling in his abdomen. It wouldn’t be long now.

Without warning Richey came, covering Nicky’s hand, chest, and Richey’s chest with silvery lines. He clenched around Nicky, who lasted through two more thrusts before losing it, coming inside Richey. He whispered Richey’s name as he came, and then flopped down onto Richey, the come slick and sticky between them. It was an awful feeling, but their bodies were lifeless, and they couldn’t feel to care.

Nicky slipped out of Richey, and Richey winced slightly from the odd feeling of emptiness. Nicky rolled off of him and limply lay next to him.

Their lungs worked in double time, coming down from, probably, the best orgasms of their lives. They stared at the ceiling, flat on their backs, seeing stars.

“So… that was…” Nicky started.

“Amazing,” Richey finished.

Nicky nodded, “Yeah, that.”

They laid in silence for a while, content.

Richey tried to turn over to face Nicky, but groaned in pain instead.

“Did I hurt you?” Nicky asked worriedly.

Richey shook his head and smiled. “Nothing that shouldn’t go away with a good night’s sleep.”

Nicky smiled back, kissing Richey quickly before rolling off the bed. He rummaged though the dark, finding his boxer shorts and slipped them on. Careful not to make the floor or doors creak, Nicky snuck to the bathroom and returned with a moistened towel. He wiped Richey off first before turning the towel on himself.

“Thanks,” Richey said, still uncomfortably still on the bed. When Nicky came back, he stripped his boxers, softly settled into the bed next to Richey, and tenderly put his arms around Richey. Richey did his best to snuggle against him while most of him ached and didn’t want to move.

“Thanks,” Nicky echoed, but for an all together different reason.

They fell asleep curled around each other and bundled under the blankets.


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