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1991/03/12 07:38pm

12 March, 1991 – 7:38 pm – Philip Hall’s House

When they got back to Philip’s place, they quietly left the van, still not looking at one another.

They left the van packed to make tomorrow easier. No use packing things twice. It had taken them long enough to get the perfect Tetris-like balance to everything the first time.

Terri greeted them with a warm smile and open arms. They each hugged her out of duty and trudged into the house, their bags dragging behind them. Philip kissed his wife, watching the boys’ lifeless parade.

“What’s wrong with them?” she asked.

Philip shrugged and followed them inside.

They retreated to their rooms, tired after all the nothing they had done all day. The sun had just started to set, so at least the darkness was on their side for sleep. Philip left them alone, too drained to try and talk to them and have them listen. He retreated to his own room, shutting the door. He probably wouldn’t be sleeping so soon, but working out the finances and things like a manager usually does.

James gave Nicky and Richey one last glance and eyebrow raise as he stepped into his room, closing the door behind him. Nicky and Richey secluded themselves in their room, setting their bags down and then engulfing each other in a long awaited embrace. They kissed chastely at first, then more passionately. They moved to the bed, trying to get on it without breaking their kiss, but it was too difficult. They ripped their shoes and overclothes off, huddling under the covers together for warmth after losing all their winter layers.

They kissed again, but the needy lust was gone. They were content to hold each other and close their eyes. This was what Richey had dreamed of the ride home, and he was glad dreams came true sometimes. At least when you really needed them.

They settled in, arms and legs wrapped around each other, ready to sleep and unable to do much else.


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