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1991/03/12 02:12pm

12 March, 1991 – 2:12 pm – Driving to London from Newcastle

Due to James’ inability to wake up properly after hammering himself into the ground the night before, and the fact that the next gig wasn’t for another day, they got a very late start. It was long after the noon hour when they finally got on the road, the back of the van packed tightly and the band piled into the backseat. Philip, their manager, was in the front seat.

Right behind the front seat sat Nicky and Richey. They did their best to not look at each other or touch, sitting as far apart as possible. James was behind Richey in the third row of seats, pretending to look out the window while glancing at his bandmates in front of him. Nicky and James would catch eyes occasionally, quickly looking away. Richey was lucky enough to be sitting directly in front of James, so they never had any weird looks exchanged, but he still had to avoid Nicky’s eyes because James would definitely notice that.

Sean was huddled into a corner on the third bench seat next to James. He had his Walkman on full blast and stared out the window, softly drumming out beats and rhythms on his thighs. He, along with the front seat, was oblivious to the weird tension and blushing embarrassment going on around him. Not that he would’ve really cared much anyway. Drama and scandals weren’t his thing.

They were already halfway through their five-hour ride when Philip decided to talk again. The car had been silent since they had settled in, and it was almost to the point of disturbing. Philip had credited the hard partying and exhaustive show they had given last night to the drain in conversation. What he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him, it seemed.

“So, if I haven’t already told you guys, we’re going back home before the gig tomorrow night. You’ll be able to sleep in your own beds, which you must be very excited about.” Philip rambled on, even though he knew no one was really listening. Or at least he thought.

At the mention of beds, sleeping, and the implication of sleeping together (something they were forced to do in those beds, seeing there was no room not to), James, Nicky, and Richey all fidgeted, looking out the window or at the floor of the van. Sean wasn’t listening and Philip didn’t notice.

“The next gig is at the London Marquee, and it’s going to be pretty big. From what I understand, tickets have been selling well, not to put any pressure on you guys or anything. You guys have been doing great, so I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Noticing that no one was even looking in his general direction anymore, he quit talking and went back to driving.

Richey settled himself against the window and chose to fall asleep for the next few hours rather than deal with the awkwardness that was the interior of the van anymore. He spread out a little, careful not to stretch too far and touch Nicky, even though all he wanted to do was curl up against him. Stupid James. He closed his eyes and drifted to sleep quickly, dreaming about Nicky’s warmth and falling asleep with him soon.


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