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1991/01/06 12:09pm

6 January, 1991 – 12:09 pm – Philip Hall’s house

Richey woke up unable to breathe. Or at least it was difficult to breathe. Nicky was mostly on top of him, pressing mainly on his chest with his arm and head. His elbow was digging against Richey’s ribs, as was his skull, and it was vaguely uncomfortable. Or actually really uncomfortable, if Richey was honest with himself. It would’ve been worse if half of his body, Nicky’s half, wasn’t partially numb. So much for small miracles. He also would’ve minded more if he didn’t enjoy the warmth of Nicky’s body next to his. It was comforting to wake up to, even if parts of him couldn’t feel it and only contained the sensation of pins and needles.

As gingerly as possible, Richey attempted to dislodge himself from the strange bodily tangle he was involved in. Richey picked up Nicky’s arm draped over him, and Nicky shot up and gasped as if cold water had been thrown on him.

Almost looking embarrassed at his sudden and unneeded movement, Nicky stared at Richey, his brows unfurrowing slightly. Now that Nicky’s head was off his chest, not only could he breathe again, but he could see the drool spot Nicky left on his shirt. Richey’s shoulder faintly throbbed, feeling and, therefore, pain returning to it.

Richey smiled at the stunned, yet injured wild animal look camping on Nicky’s face. He started to chuckle a “good morning” at Nicky when Nicky captured his mouth in a surprise kiss.

They both froze in the kiss, and then melted as the fire of possibility and memory was lit inside both of their minds. Their eyes slipped closed in comfort and their lips began to move against each other. It was almost familiar, the slide of their lips and the timidity of their tongues wanting entry, but too afraid to ask for it.

After the requisite eternity it felt like, they parted, staring into each other’s faces.

“I told you I was serious,” Nicky said with a straight face that lasted only seconds before it broke into a wide, mischievous grin.

Richey smiled back and laughed, “You could’ve at least brushed your teeth first.”

Nicky let his laughter out, resting his forehead on Richey’s chest. He could feel the vibrations of laughter through Richey’s rib cage, and they were making his head ache, but he couldn’t quite find the energy to care. He finally noticed the drying drool stain he left on Richey’s shirt, which just made him laugh harder. He lifted his head again to look back at Richey. Richey’s smile went all the way to his eyes, leaving a glitter there he hadn’t seen since they were children. He was almost shaking with the ideas of everything that could happen next. The possibilities had always been endless, but now that endless eternity seemed a little less bleak and lonely. He could feel the excitement in all of his joints, the electricity surging through his muscles and coming out through his skin where he made contact with Richey. He idly drew circles with his fingers on Richey’s stomach peeking out from under the seam of his T-shirt.

Knowing how to change or kill any mood, depending on how you felt about it, he chimed in on Nicky’s thoughts. “May I pee?” Richey asked, still pinned under Nicky’s weight slightly. Nicky let out a chuckle and released Richey from underneath him. “Will you still be here when I get back?” he added, trying his best to look serious.

Nicky nodded, careful not to jar his throbbing head too much.

“Will you be awake?”

Nicky rolled his eyes in response.

“It’s a valid question, you realize. This would not be the first time leaving has bitten me in the arse.”

Nicky sighed and nodded again. There was a hint of a smile hidden on his lips.

“Then I’ll be back in a minute,” Richey said, hopping off the bed as well as a victim of a slight hangover and a half-numb body could, and padded to the bathroom, quietly shutting the door behind him.

Nicky silently stared at the ceiling for a moment, flashes of everything that had just happened racing through his mind. For only a moment, he happily flailed, letting out a muted squeal of joy. Things were looking up. Things were great. Things may not have been going according to a plan, but they were going in a nice direction, and Nicky was excited to cruise along with the changes that were bound to happen. Now all that needed to change was his blinding hangover, and everything would be perfect. Hell yes.


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