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2 September, 1974 – 8:11 am – Blackwood

The bright, early morning sun was dull yet blinding. It was the kind of shining grey that filled the sky with murkiness all day, until nightfall would finally make it a normal sky color again.

The bus came around the corner slowly, so as not to jar the precious cargo inside. The windows were all open a crack, letting the breaths of all the children inside escape. It was going to be a warm day.

The children’s sleepy mumbles began to get louder as the ride went on. They were starting to wake up. The bus was filling up as well. Seats were getting scarce, and there were still a few more stops to go. The bus went through its route, stopping here and there to pick up small groups of children at various corners.

Haltingly, the bus came to a stop at the next corner. There was only one boy standing there, waiting in his pressed school uniform. His dark blonde hair shone in the odd sunlight. He was very young, and looked very nervous. He fidgeted anxiously when he finally caught sight of the bus.

He stepped up onto the bus, looking around at the other children talking and playing in their seats. He peered down the aisle, seeing that almost every seat was full. Except for the first seat.

The first seat had one boy sitting in it. He had brown hair and was staring out the window quietly. He was curled up, his legs up underneath him, which made him look even smaller. He turned around as the other young boy came over to his seat and sat down, putting his backpack on his lap, his long, wiry legs hanging off the edge of the seat. The small boy had large brown eyes and faint freckles.

The tall, skinny boy put out his hand, just like his dad had taught him, and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Nicky. Today’s my first day of school.”

The small boy looked at his hand and then back up to his face. Sensing it was safe, he put his hand out to meet Nicky’s.

“Hi, I’m Richey.”


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